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Robotic FSW Engineering Center

Friction Stir Welding Robotic

In order to adapt 3-D complexstructural parts welding requirements, in June 2013, AVIC China FSW Center( Beijing FSW Technology Co.,Ltd ) cooperated with American FSL Co.,Ltd successfully developed friction stir welding robotic system. This robotic system, based on ABB overloading robot (model IRB 7600), was the first one that combined friction stir welding technology with robotic technology in China. In July 2013, in order to comply withmarket economy's development, Beijing FSW Center set up “FSW Robotic Engineering Center”.Besides that, China FSW Center established long-term strategic and cooperativepartnership with German KUKA Group, and become its official partner in early 2013.

Technical capability:

From July 2013, China FSW Center kept exploring in FSW robotic system area, now has already realized 2-D plane welding and 3-D space welding requirements. This weld method adapted multi-mode control technology in welding process, thereby effectively ensure products’ stability and quality.

The welding effects of 3-D complexstructural parts are influenced by numerous factors. This is because the change ofspacetrajectoryand the contact between different parts’ surfacesinfluenced axial pressure, thus led to welding process instability and quality inconsistency. The new friction stir welding robotic system overcame the disadvantages of instability and indeterminacy by using multi-control model, which made the 3-D complexstructural parts welding come true and established a solid foundation for the appliance of curved surface structures in Chinese aviation and space industries.

FSW Robotic

Equipment characteristics:

Welding process is highly automatedand unnecessary to interpose artificially.  Realize 2-D plane welding and 3-D space welding requirements.  Multi-control system, such as pressure control, displacement control ,torque control, etc.  Quality of joint is better,deformation control is more easily to be realized.  Has high stability during welding process.

For more information about Friction Stir Welding production, please contact Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd (China FSW Center) Manager Meng:18210970818,cfswc@cfswt.com,mengqiang@cfswt.com

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